Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Missing Mexico

It's almost six weeks since I left Mexico and I must confess, the joy of home-coming is as much as sadness of departing that beautiful Latino land. It's not the posh shopping-malls or cosy cars on clean broad roads or comfortable life-style or my saving potential that I'm missing of Mexico, it's something more personal and more profound and more closer to the heart that I'm missing. This write up is about all the things I'm missing about Mexico, a land which made me feel at home even though separated by time and oceans from my motherland.

The foremost thing I'm missing of Mexico is the wonderful people of this country. They're warm and welcoming and friendly and merry making crowd. They are fun to be with and a lot funnier to party with. They're good eaters, drinkers and dancers. The thing I liked the most is that you don't need any formal invitation for parties. You can just invite your friends, just make sure that you BYOB and that's it. That way you don't burden the host and you get to enjoy the party too. They're not too much of drama queens, just drink and chill kinda people.

Next comes the food. I'm gonna murder everybody who claim that they've eaten Mexican food, outside Mexico, especially in usa. There is an earth and sky difference between what's cooked in Mexico and outside. The very thought of enchiladas (red tortillas filled in with cheese), carne asada (beef barbecue), pollo en mole (chicken is mole sauce), tacos de trompo (shepherd style pork), alambre de pollo (chicken sautéed with onions and spicy peppers), chorizo con papas (spiced pork with potatos) makes my mouth water profusely. The Friday morning breakfast tacos we used to have at Carlos' Tacos Mañaneros (esp. tacos de machacado con huevos) are something which I miss the most.

Then comes tequila. It's not that tequila is not available here, but it's expensive as gold and tastes like piss. Also it's available only in premium bars and not the local ones we go, so I'm left with only whiskey, rum or beer to drink (I don't like any other drinks). We used to get tequila and beer almost everywhere - convenience store in gas station, super markets, bars and family restaurants, beer drive-ins on every highway and in every village. The best part is they used to pack the beers with the ice and give it for extended chill effect and ice was available in almost every superstore. I remember how we struggle over weekends here if we need ice.

Mexico is one country which I explored more than my very own country. Most Mexicans told me that I know more Mexico than them. From the Chihuahuan mountains in the north to Chiapas in the south, from Los Cabos in the west to Yucatan in the east I explored pretty much of whole Mexico. The place I liked and I miss the most is Zipolite in Oaxaca, the city I liked the most is Guanajuato. I seriously miss those travels which we used to plan and go on the fly, managing with our broken Spanish, conversing with the indigenous tribes, trying out local food, exploring mines and caves, chilling out in crystal blue rivers and getting lost in the mountains.

I miss the opportunities for learning my Spanish. I used to converse with my colleagues in Spanish and used to make lots of mistakes, but they were kind enough to correct them and help me improve the language. Now sometimes I keep talking to myself just not to forget whatever I have learnt. I miss those slangs especially, I guess Spanish is one language where in the slangs flow most fluently with the language. Probably Spanish is the most useful language after English and it definitely was worth learning.

I miss certain things which may seem to be very insignificant for others - the colourful horse-cart for collecting trash, the sound of the corn-peddler's bell every evening, Friday morning chin wagging sessions with Carlos - the taco vendor, the football craze, the windshield cleaners at traffic signals, pretty latina babes on streets, the friendly taxi drivers, my workmates in office, the adventure spots around Monterrey - Chipinque, La Silla, Matacanes and La Estanzuela.

The list of missing things about Mexico is endless. Viva Mexico Cabrones!
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