Saturday, May 23, 2009

Nike Face-Off Corporate Challenge

This Saturday there was Nike Face-Off Corporate Challenge, 3km running event at Kanteerava stadium. We had to face-off against SAP team in this event orgainzed by Runners for Life, sponsored by Nike. This is a short reportage of the event.

I was there at the stadium well before 6, the stipulated time for us to report at the counter. We had to present our confirmation letter to get our bib numbers and sign the indemnity letter at the Nike counters. We then awaited for the rest of team members, only 44 of them turned up from Sasken (more than 100 had replied to the mail expressing their desire to run, probably they realized that running 3K is more difficult than pressing the reply button on their mail client) and SAP were around 65. There were counters giving out water, bananas and biscuits. Running shoes were lent to the people who didn't have one.

An escort ushered us to Cubbon park where the race was supposed to begin. We were given a batton (a bi-coloured wooden stick, used for Dandiya dance) and were asked to run with that thing, but later, thankfully, they decided against that. We assembled at the entrace gate opposite to Sheshadri Iyer library in cubbon park, this guy from Runners for life taught us how to warm up and explained the rules and circuit. He told us "Go straight till the library, turn right and run till the water point at the next gate then turn back, retrace your path and go straight till the next gate, then turn back and run towards the starting point which is also a finishing point. There will be volunteers to guide you."

After everybody was clear, we split into two teams - Sasken on the left, SAP on the right and the guide shouted "On your mark, get, set, go" and we started off. I overpaced a bit, there was nobody ahead of me till the gate which he had mentioned. Then I had slow down and few guys overtook me. In fact there was nobody to guide us and there was a lot of confusion among the runners. I then paced up a little bit and finished the event in 10'15" ranking second, but our team lost to SAP. Hariharan from Sasken finished first in 9'50". There was water, glucose, biscuits and banana at the finish point.

We came back to Kanteerava stadium where they gave the first 6 fast runners a Nike sipping bottle and certificates to winning team. They photographed us, gave us discount coupons and finished the event. It was a great fun to take part, but I seriously felt the event could definitely been organized better, atleast placing few volunteers with directions in the circuit to avoid confusion and also the speed runners should have been awarded with atleast certificates instead of Nike bottles. Kudos to Runners for Life for organizing the event.

Photocredit: Al Ameen
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