Monday, May 18, 2009

Shoba-Ashok Wedding

Mallesh, one of my best friends had invited me to attend his sister Shoba's wedding at Hubli. It was a very special wedding for me for various reasons. For the first time ever, I happened to attend a Lingayat wedding, it was so different and much simpler than the Brahmin ones. Secondly I tried doing some wedding photography (second only to Ernesto's wedding), I've tried to keep most shots as candid as possible.

Let me try to brief the wedding in as few words as possible. It seems on the previous night the couple was bathed with turmeric, this ritual I missed for I arrived only the day of wedding. It started with the actual wedding ritual where the bride and groom are made to sit facing each other accompanied by their parents on their sides. The priest made them sprinkle water, throw flowers and rice on coconut and betel leaf arranged in a silver plate. Exchange of garlands was followed by the most important ritual of tying the thaaLi across the bride's neck (that explains the etymology of the phrase tying the knot). After that the groom puts vermillion and then the ring on the toe of bride's feet. This event was followed by a short period of inactivity during which breakfast is served. Wedding reception followed next, where the entire crowd threw vermillioned rice at the couple as a mark of blessing after which couple received all their relatives on the raised stage.

This was followed by lunch which consisted of delicious jolada rotti, chapathi, badane kaayi yeNgaai, payasa and other delicious dishes.

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