Monday, July 27, 2009

Luck Review

Mind you, I'm neither a movie buff nor a regular movie reviewer. Out of the blue, two of my friends decided that we should watch a movie on Sunday evening and I accorded with their decision. The guy who was supposed to buy the tickets told us that the only option we had was LUCK, of which I had seen slick posters, we decided to go for that.

The story line is something like this - Sanjay Dutt helps Danny during his bad times and Danny is obligated to help Sanjay Dutt invest on LUCKY people. Danny starts collecting people with LUCK for Sanjay Dutt, who has a betting business. People with LUCK are all taken to South Africa and are made to play deadly, dangerous games, survivors make fortunes, losers die. This is where Imran Khan meets Shruti Hassan, he saves her during a sky dive, when her parachute fails to open, in one of the games after which they fall in love and Ravi Kishan, the villain tries to rape (or probably murder) Shruti and the classic hero saving heroine takes place. Mithun uncle has played a role of an immortal major, who despite fatal blows stays alive.

The movie has too many stupid screwups which make it a very inferior one. The starting scene where a group of blind-folded people crossing railway tracks itself was so unreal. Then people swimming in shark infested waters was another unwanted cheap thrill, worse still the shark snipping off short-cut's (one of the characters) leg off. The last damn scene is almost like one of Rajnikanth's stunts...Imran Khan is running on a train when Ravi Kishan is firing a machine gun (though it appeared as though he was wanking off while firing the gun) non-stop and not a single bullet touches Imran. Both hero and heroine survive an explosion in the end, which resembles a typical Hollywood crap. Sanjay Dutt hasn't done much in this movie except for walking like a hunk, with some striking background music...he could have done a lot better.

All the 80s bollywood formulae have been very successfully repeated with some of the latest, more handsome actors - hero salvaging the heroine from a rape (or probably a murder), obvious victory of hero in the end, a triangle love story and some pathetically uninspired dialogues. I appreciate Mithun for consistently acting in bad movies. The only saving grace of the movie is the new face - Shruti Hassan with her super model bod. I would rate the movie 1 star out of 5, and that star is just for Shruti sweetheart.
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