Monday, July 20, 2009

Mc Chicken Bugger!

Saravanan Appan (name slightly changed), was a colleague of mine few years ago. As you can see, not only him, even his name spoke Tamil. He was from Pondicherry (not sure if he takes an offense for not calling his place Puducherry) and a die hard chicken eater...I was amazed by his poultry-lust. Vegetarian food was a rare delicacy for him, chicken was his staple food with a little rice of chapthi as side dish. He was one of those very typical Ranjni fans with no knowledge of outside world whatsoever. His cognizant well contained only Rajni movies, chicken curry and protocol talk something other than this, he used to feel left out.

Our conversations used to be something like this:
Sac: Hey bugger! Did you watch MI-II?
Sar: What is thatta? MI-II va? I don't know ra.
Sac: It's a new hollywood action movie dude...
Sar: Yay you've seen this Vijaykanth's new movieva? That also hyas laaat of yaction.
Sac: What plans for the weekend bugger?
Sar: I'll make chicken chettinaad, watch Basha and go to do some shoppinga.

So one of the other team members bought a car and he had to throw a small lunch party for us, his team-members. After chucking off Lemon grass, Greens, Annachi (you know where did this suggestion came from), Malgudi options, we settled down to McDonalds in Forum, Koramangala. I was the only one who resented the idea, but majority won. Even Saravan was against it, but the moment he realized he could binge on chicken, he switched sides. I don't know why Bangaloreans feel hip to hang out at McDonalds!!! I despise that place wholeheartedly!!!

So we finally hit McDs at Forum and we enqueued ourselves at the counter, Sarvanan and myself assumed ultimate and penultimate positions respectively, rest of team in front of us. So my turn came and I ordered a chicken burger with fries for myself and was about to leave the counter...Sarvanan called me back and he confessed, "Yay Sachin, this is the first time I'm in McD myaan. I don't know myan...can you order some chicken for me alsova?" So I ordered the same for him...a chicken burger with fries.

We finished our lunch after which we started back to office. Saravanan knocked me on my shoulder while I was driving the bike, "Yay Sachin, you keep calling me bugger all the time no? Now you ordered one "chicken bugger" only no? That means you were calling me by that dish namea? I don't understand why you call me like thatta." I wanted to stop the bike and roll on the floor laughing, but I was driving on a highway, could't do that.
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