Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sasken Independence Day Celelbrations

I stepped on the gas pedal harder to try to make it before 9, but I was late by few seconds, Jana Gana Mana had already started and the tricolour was proudly fluttering high up in the sky. In 6 years of my stint in Sasken, this is the first time I ever made it to the Independence day celebrations and it was a great experience. I had gone with my complete equipment to do cover the event, but unfortunately I was late by seconds, nevertheless I did cover something.

After national anthem was sung, mothichur laddoos were distributed. At times it was disadvantageous to carry a camera, I was talking to Rajiv while this guy comes with the laddoo box. He offered Rajiv a laddoo and Rajiv said no, probably that guy thought I was a hired photographer or something and didn't offer me any sweet, it was OK for I was on diet. Rajiv asked about camera and what group I belong to, I felt proud to tell him that I had just finished 6 years in Sasken. There were other biggies like GV, Neetha and Vinay also.

On the balcony of third floor, a Rangoli of Indian map was aesthetically laid but maybe who laid it was in a very rapturous dancing mood or something, it was written "HAPPY INDEPEN'DANCE' DAY", a nice typo though. Doors at the entrance were all decorated with tricolour hangings, though it would have been nice if the fountain would have been a little bluer.

For a 2000 strong company, the turn up was really pathetic, there were less than 100 people and 40% of it seemed to be from facilities and security. Some of them had brought their families, mainly their children, most of them dressed cutely in white with tricolour in their hands. Kavya Preeti emceed the event well and made the crowd play a game which loosely resembled the good old game of musical chair.

There was a lucky-dip event wherein Lucky Sasian, Lucky Guest and Lucky Kids were chosen and given prizes, most probably gift coupons. The biggest family was also given prizes. Chocolates were distributed to kids. After the simple celebrations were over, breakfast of delicious rava idly was served at cafeteria.

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