Thursday, August 20, 2009

Shirin - The Sweetness

Riniki and Asif had their first baby a couple of months back and since then Riniki was inviting me to see the baby. I had very little time to buy a gift for the baby, but then photographers can always gift the photographs they take. I slung my equipment and hit Riniki's home on a overcast Saturday morning. Shirin (translates to sweet), the 2.5 months baby girl, liked me the moment she saw me...she welcomed me with the most beautiful smile. I spent almost half day at Riniki's place trying to capture Shirin's gestures and expressions and below is the outcome.

For the interested few, photographs were shot using Canon 20D with 3 different lenses: 50mm/f1.8, 17-40/4L and 100mm/f2.8 macro. They were shot in jpeg and post processed using Aperture on Macbook Pro. Please do give me your feedback, it's very important for me to improve my portrait photography skills.

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