Thursday, August 06, 2009

Weirdest searches that led to my blog

Here are top 5 weirdest searches that came to my blog:

5. desktop pictures of louis poyo ->

I have no idea who is Louis Poyo. I tried a ponderous research on google too, but couldn't find anything significant. I'm still wondering how Louis poyo's desktop pictures led to Los Cabos travelogue.

4. larry collins jerusalem rapidshare ->

We have a saying in Kannada, "immam sahebrigu, gokulashtmigu yen sambandha", which could be analogized to...what an orthodox catholic has to do with Yom Kippur. Larry Collins is the co-author of O Jerusalem, probably the user tried searching an e-book in rapidshare, but unfortunately he was led to Opeth's Watershed review. I can reason why this happened, in the Watershed review, I remember giving the rapidshare download links and in the Books I've read section, I've mentioned O Jerusalem by Larry Collins.

3. fluke-5520a calibration labs at at karnataka ->

Seems like fluke-5520 is a high performance multi product calibrator and some small scale industry here might manufacture it. But the blog to which it was led has absolutely nothing to do with this calibrator or the industry in Karnataka manufacturing it, apart from just having the fluke-5520 keyword.

2. design your own banga roo ->

With a lynx's curiosity I googled bangaroo and says bangaroo means sexual intercourse. Hmm...sexual intercourse and the geeky ITP-Bangalore...sounds too oxymoronic.

1. polar bear in ooty ->

This search came from an avid Natgeo or Animal Planet watcher. He either thought that Ooty was somewhere in Arctic or Polar bears live in tropical forests!
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