Saturday, October 17, 2009

Five things I hate and love about Bangalore

Five things I hate about Bangalore:

5. Tree felling - I hate the large scale tree felling operations for improving city's infrastructure.
4. Politicians - Those worthless frauds of this country who cause traffic jams every day in the city, they suck.
3. Pollution - The damned IT crowd who despise public transport and maintain one car per person in the family are the main polluters. Next come kerosene fed rickshaws and good old lorries and busses.
2. Traffic - An adage drive in Bangalore, you can drive anywhere. Lack of traffic sense coupled with bad infrastructure makes Bangalore traffic a nightmare
1. Roads - The formula "Summation of area of all potholes on roads is greater than the total surface area of all roads put together" holds good in Bangalore. Potholes and speed breakers have made the orthopedics of Bangalore richer, thanks to BBMP/BMP/BDA.

Five things I love about Bangalore:

5. Culture - This is still preserved only in few areas of Bangalore viz. Basavangudi, Banashankari, Vijayanagar, Rajajinagar and Malleshwaram. Go there to experience it.
4. Music scene - Rock capital of India. Maiden, Megadeth, Floyd, Knopler, Deep Purple, Kryptos, Myndsnare, Mother Jane...
3. People - The real Bangaloreans are some of the most hospitable people. Anybody defying this?
2. Gastronomy and Pubbing
- Dosa at Vidhyarthi Bhavan, Idly at SLV, Katti rolls of Fanoos, Bacon with eggs at Koshys, Mangalore fish curry at Fish world, Appam and chicken curry at Pecos, Snacks at Gullu's chat...Bangalore definitely is THE place for all-India cuisine. The title "Pub City" explains everything about the booze part.
1. Weather - Bangalore is definitely envied by neighbouring capitals of Hyderbad and Chennai for it's weather. Its not humid in Bangalore, it's neither too hot nor too cold which helps people save money on expensive airconditioners. Especially after rains, Bangalore is extremely pleasant.
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