Wednesday, December 02, 2009

5 Reasons I would swear my loyalty to Firefox!!!

Extensions: Who wouldn't like if their browser wears a haute couture skins or the pleasure of viewing Megan fox images on a 3D wall with uncluttered black background or get to know if the weather permits you to tee over the weekend just by moving the mouse over or download all the links on a page with just one click! That's the beauty of Firefox extensions! They not only make the browser look good, but provide the user with oodles of configurable plugins that makes browsing whole lot of fun.

Open Source and Portability: It's free, it's open! If you're a geek, play around with the Firefox source code to optimize or customize your browser. Me being a user of Linux, MacOS and Windows, I don't have to worry about adapting myself for different browsers on different platforms...Firefox is everywhere!

Keyboard friendly: Being a mouse-hater I just love the vi-esque search option Firefox provides. Enable "Search as you type" and forget about those damned control effs. Just start typing when the page loads and you've found what you want. Not just that, the shortcut keys are intuitively designed that makes the browsing a great ease.

Private Browsing: Don't wanna let others know what you browse, press control+shift+P and the masqueraded private browsing window shows up. No caches, no thumbnails, no history, nothing at all is saved.

Stability: "My damned machine rebooted out of the blue!! I lost all my pages!!" No you didn't!!! Firefox saves all your open tabs and asks you if you wanna restore the open tabs. And the browser by itself hardly crashes if you've updated to their latest release. And updating is a piece of cake, you just need to click "Yes" when it asks for update.

So stop your explorations and safaris, gear up to hunt Firefox.
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