Friday, January 22, 2010

International Flower Show, Lalbagh

Having lived in Bangalore for so many years, this was the first time ever I made it to the International Flower Show that happens every year around January 26th, Republic Day of India. I had many reasons this time - I was on vacations, I had macro lens and finally, my fiancée is here and I had to take to her out.

We traversed all three gates of Lalbagh, starting from the one near MTR, in search of parking and finally in the last gate, the one near Ashoka Pillar. The parking fee was exorbitantly high, I was charged Rs. 70 for parking it in a dust laden ground. We saw impressively long green gourds and snake gourds hanging from the support, followed by pumpkins of various colours as we strolled to glass house. Just before glass house, rows of stalls on either sides of the road were put up, selling agricultural produce, art work, spices and sundries.

The entrance to the flower show was from the side entry of the glass house. Around the periphery were displayed vivid and vibrant roses, chrysanthemums, cornflowers, dahlias, pinks, asters, cockscombs and many other beautiful blooms. The central area of the glass house contained a gigantic, colourful Qutub Minar prototype, made of red and yellow roses. There was also a sizable statue of Kaveri, completely made by colourful flowers, letting the river flow from the pot in her hand. Kaveri statue was surrounded by a sea of brightly coloured orchids, which looked like a swarm of butterflies.

In the long narrow passage of the glass house, there were Ikebanas to symbolize festivals of various beliefs...Holi, Gurunanak Jayanthi, Varahamaha Lakshmi Vratha, Dasara, Easter, Deepawali, Id etc. Also the pillars of the glass house were embellished with big floral balls which added a great aesthetic value. For photographers, especially of macro genre, the flower show is a great place to click some of your best macro shots. It's better to visit the flower show at mid-day since the light will be diffused by the glass house, the light may not be enough during evenings especially if you're shooting macro with apertures smaller than F8. For garden enthusiasts and botany students it's a great place to learn. Overall the flower show atoned the pain I took driving back in peak-hour traffic.

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