Thursday, January 28, 2010

Suicide in Samsung

Most of us, the depressed IT souls of Bangalore somehow refrain from getting into Samsung for it's sheer Eternal-Under-Pressure work nature. Of course, there are few who love slogging day-in and day-out and earning BIG, who work for it. The snippets of life in Samsung that our friends update us quite often sound like - swipe in a minute later than 8:30 you get a warning, spend a minute later than an hour for lunch you're in trouble, they give you laptop but you can't take it home, 12 hours a day and nightouts happen every week, I keep praying for my weekends not to be disturbed etc.

With so much of "flexibility" given to employees its quite natural to expect such behaviours by VPs:

Samsung VP commits suicide

A deadline quite literally met!

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