Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Beijing Bites experience

My missus had this burning desire to check out the Chinese food at Beijing Bites in Vijayanagar. I told her it's no where closer to the Chinese food that she had in mind, but she still insisted me to take her there and I had to succumb to her demands, I drove her to the restaurant on a warm Friday evening. I had warned her to keep her expectations at the lowest level.

The ambience of the restaurant was decent but there were hardly any crowd at 7, we took a table for two. The waiter gave us a menu card and served water (probably wifey had expected green-tea in place of water). She thought the restaurant was meant for Chinese crowd (like the ones found in US) and asked if they had a Chinese menu. The waiter didn't hear her properly, he said, "Sure madam" and sent another waiter who belonged to Mongoloid race. Wifey was very happy to see him, few Mandarin words dropped out of her lips but the guy seemed to be confused. I asked him if he was Chinese and he said he wasn't, I asked him where was he from, with a heavy accent he responded "Weaas Bengaaal sa!!!" I had to explain to wifey about the whereabouts of West Bengal, her gladness faded in an instant.

Wifey: What dish is authentic Chinese here?
Bengali: Maam you ca sake sti fry vezetable
Wifey: What is it?
Bengali: Iss vezetables sti fried wiz azinomoto and peppa
Wifey: Can you make it without any Indian masala?
Bengali: Sue madam, no masala
Wifey: What else? Some soup? Do you have the one in this picture?
Bengali: Madam you can sake vez wanton soup...no spice
Wifey: Does it look like this picture?
Bengali: No no madam...thas ausentic Chinese food, we don't have zat.
Wifey: OK one veg wanton soup and a bowl of rice
Bengali: Sue madam
Wifey: Also get chopsticks please
Bengali: Sue madam

Thankfully the food somewhat resembled and tasted like its Chinese counterparts and missus was glad, however it was interesting how the waiter sent a Chinese looking guy when asked for Chinese menu.
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