Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bangalore Photo Walk - Basavangudi

It was hard to push myself to get off the bed early (7AM...yes it's early on weekends!) but I finally made it to Bangalore Photo Walk, after many such procrastinations. It was my virgin walk with the team and it happened in Basvangudi, probably the most Bangaloresque part of the city. An area known for it's culture, freshness, early start of day, aroma of flowers, incense and coffee, Bull Temple, Bugle rock, Gandhi Bazaar and of course BMS!

I was at the stipulated venue, Bull Temple 10 minutes ahead of the scheduled time 8AM. I met Priya first and Shantanu next, they had come earlier than me. We started our first few clicks and the crowd started building - Zeeshan, Setu, Joel, Veeresh, Manasvi, Santosh, Dinesh, Srikanth, Shruthi , Saurav and others joined. We first clicked around Bull Temple, some of us shot outside and others shot inside the temple. The day was pleasant with blue skies, fleecy clouds et al. which gave good light for us to click.

We proceeded from Bull Temple to Shamanna garden which emanated a perfect jugalbandi of bats' screeching and Dr. Rajkumar's devotional songs. It was a great feeling to walk in an absolutely verdant park and click photographs, I just tried few macro shots at the park. We rounded the park and got out on East Anjaneya temple street and walked towards Gandhi Bazaar.

We took a group photo on the main street of Gandhi Bazaar and proceeded towards the market around Vidyarthibhavan area. It was a lively place with florists and fruit sellers. Patterns of betel leaf, bees crowding the garlands, heaps of marbles, vivid colours of vermilion and saffron, busy peddlers - all formed perfect subjects for photography. Our stomachs reminded us of the fact that it was 10 o'clock already and the gang was hungry. Though Vidyarthibhavan was a perfect place for breakfast, it was crowded as though the whole world was being doomed and they served some ambrosia which only could save them.

We head to Adigas for our breakfast. I handed over the coupon and said 26 idlis and the guy at counter thought I was kidding...he said give it at the other counter and they'll pack it for me. I told him "26 of!" My order preempted his other tasks and he counted 13 plates and threw 2 idlis in each and poured sambar quickly. The gang devoured idlis and sipped coffee sitting comfortably on the steps of yet unopened shops. There were some discussions about the next walk, about equipment, about LightRoom and Aperture and we were done. We ambled lazily back to Bull Temple where we had parked out bikes and dispersed. Manasvi and myself got nostalgic about our good old BMS on the way back.

All photographs were shot using Canon 20D, with one of 17-40/4L, 70-200/4L, 100/f2.8 macro lenses and retouched using Aperture 3.0 on MacBookPro. The collage of the cat was done using Photoshop and I know it sucks! I ain't that good at Photoshop, so please bear with me.


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