Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Best Of Me

The hitcounter is ticking at a great pace of late and it's nearing 1.3 lakh.  A zillion thanks to all the blog visitors and subscribers, it's you who keep me inspired to write, travel & photograph.  Since there is much traffic now, I thought it's a good idea to list out some of my best articles / travelogues etc which would make it a lot easier for the readers than to find something in 300+ blogposts.  So here I go...

My very first humour write up:  Conference Room
Good old swimming pool in China: Zhangjiang Swimming Pool
Chinese English: Chinglish
A sad TV channel in China: CCTV9
The Man Who Knew Too Much: Interviewing experience
Customer interviews:  Complete idiot's guide to clear customer interviews
Marriages in IT industry: IT Matrimony
Photos & captions of Desi's in America: America America
Software engineer's onsite: Onsite life
How to drive in Bangalore: Tips for driving in Bangalore
An intro to my team: Office Space
Uncomprehending Inception: Movie at Mantri Mall

My closest encounter with Death: A Matter of Life and Luck
One & only canyoneering I've done: Matacanes canyon
Hike in Cerro de las Mitras: Pico Perico
Long duration swimming: 12 Hours Swimming Marathon
Swimming marathon in Pacific ocean: Maraton Guadalupano
Along the river in the canyon: Team Building
100km Walk: Peregrenacion de San Juan de los Lagos
10k events: Soriana, Duendes, Sunfeast
12k event: Bengaluru Midnight Marathon
Kumraparavatha trek: Day1 and Day2

Roaming around in Mexico:
A photographer's paradise: Los Cabos
Lovely state of Michoacan: Lago de Patzcuaro, Monarch Butterflies, Vulcan de Paricutin,
The prettiest city: Guanajuato
Queretaro, a colonial town: Roadtrip to Queretaro
A lovely Mexican village: Real de Catorce
A mining town of Mexico: Zacatecas
A place I would love to go back and settle down, Oaxaca: Part I and Part II
Canyon bigger and deeper than Grand Canyon: Copper canyon, Chihuahua
Camping in the desert, Cuatro Cienegas: I visit and II visit
Back in time to civilization of Mayas: Chiapas I, Chiapas II and Guatemala
Chichen Itza, one of new seven wonders of the world: Of Pyramids and Pelicans
A very unique museum of masks: El Museo Rafael Coronel, Zacatecas
One of the best museums I've ever seen: Museo Nacional de Antropologia
My last and final escapade in Mexico: Nevado de Toluca

Exploring India: 
In search of wildlife: Weekend in woods
Birds sanctuary: Rangantittu
Lamayuru Monastery: Drive to Lamayuru
An Indo-Chinese lake:  Pang-gong-tso lake, Ladakh
Road less travelled: To Leh from Manali
Bijapur, the home of Adil Shahis: Gol Gumbaz, Ibrahim Rouza
Lovely stone sculpture & temple: Badami, Aihole and Pattadakal
An abode of Iyengars: Memorable Melkote
Heritage of Assam: Sibsagar
Back to our geography textbooks: Cheerapunji
A village in Arunachal: Likabali
A city of waning splendour: Shillong

How we got cheated: Laptop sales in China
Photography exhibition I participated: Bangalore Photography Festival
Festival Internacional de Cervantino: Cervantino, Guanjuato
A Mexican Carnival: Carnaval Autlan
Photo Marathon in Bangalore: Canon Photo Marathon
How I utilized my sick leave: Annular Solar Eclipse
Beautiful flowers of Lalbagh: International Flower Festival
Yakshagana, the Indian dance form: Yakshagana
Bihu dance coverage: Bihu, the breath of Assam
Jamming with band: A day with Nee

Karla-Ernesto wedding
Shoba-Ashok wedding
Rajani-Mahesh Wedding
Anu-Arun wedding
Shirin portfolio
Renata portfolio
Pradhay portfolio

Canon EF 100mm f2.8 macro lens (Buy it here: Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM Lens for Canon SLR Cameras)
Apple Mac OS X - Leopard (Buy it here: Mac OS X Leopard, Version 10.5 - Single License (Retail Box))
Aperture 3 (Buy it here:  Aperture 3 Upgrade)
Vivaaerobus - Mexican local airline
Continental Airlines
Kingfisher Airlines

For all those metal heads:
Iron Maiden - A Matter of Life and Death tour, Bangalore
Black Sabbath - Heaven and Hell tour, Monterrey
Iced Earth - Framing Armageddon album review
Iron Maiden - Somewhere back in time tour - I leg, Monterrey
Iron Maiden - Somewhere back in time tour - II leg, Monterrey
Dark Tranquility - In concert, Monterrey
Opeth - Watershed album review
Opeth - In concert, Monterrey
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