Thursday, July 22, 2010

BSNL Blues

In this era, bloggers & online-socialites like me, choke without internet at home & I'm almost dying for it's been three days that I've survived without internet at home.  So naturally I wanted to vent out my frustration on BSNL (surprisingly somebody has written this: BSNL: India's Most Valuable Company.(Brief Article): An article from: India Telecom), so I call up 1504, BSNL broadband helpline.
After choosing the language & services (thankfully it was just 2 options), the voice said, "Please press 9 to speak to an operator" and I did so.  For next 19 minutes 23 seconds (not a second exaggerated) my ear-drum was hit repetitively, in three different languages, with, "You are in queue, please wait.  BSNL is offering special gaming service to its broandband customers at an affordable price, it's a collection of entertaining and educative games. For free 15 days trial, please logon to".  

Then this very timid sounding bloke answers the call:
TSB: Good evening, thank you for calling BSNL. How may I help you?
Sac: I'm unable to connect to internet from past two days.
TSB: What operating system do you use sir?
Sac: Mac OS X
TSB:  Apple Mac OS sir?
Sac: Yeah (Hell who else makes Mac OS???)
TSB: Which computer do you use sir?
Sac: "APPLE" Macbook Pro
TSB: Sir please open Internet explorer and type 192.168...
Sac: Boss I've done all that & the troubleshooting results say blah blah blah blah (By the way Internet explorer on Mac OS sounded interesting.  Any new joint ventures of Jobs & Gates?)
Beeep Beep!!!
Yeah!  Call drops are quite common from fixed lines of BSNL!!! Perseverance pays when dealing with BSNL!

I dialed again...

It maybe hard for you to believe, that stupid gaming message kept pounding my ears for about 24 minutes 7 seconds.  I felt like strangling that lady but it was a recorded voice unfortunately.  Yet another timid sounding bloke picked up:
TSB: Good evening, blah blah blah
Sac: Man you first note down my name and number, have the courtesy to call back in case the call drops.  You've got such pathetic systems that I connect after bearing with that 20min of useless gaming crap and the call disconnect in like 2 min.  So please bear in mind that if it happens this time, be kind enough to call me back.
TSB:  Sure sir.  What can I do for you?
Sac: Listen, I neither want to open Internet explorer on my Mac OS X nor want to answer your typical FAQs you guys ask again.  I don't have internet connection for 3 days now.  The troubleshooting  results say "FAIL" on every goddamn test it did.  (I was a bit mean here, wasn't I?)
TSB:  Yes sir, PPP server is down.
Sac: I called you guys yesterday, you said that PPP server was down and should be fixed by midnight.  Today again you give me the same excuse.  I promptly pay 1300 bucks every month & I've got many tasks to finish which I can't without internet.
TSB: Yes sir, sorry sir, but server is down.
Sac: Can I speak to your superior, your boss or somebody there?  (They don't give a damn to such articles I guess: BSNL -- New Challenges and Milestones Ahead.(Brief Article): An article from: India Telecom)
TSB: Please be online sir.
After few seconds...thank God he didn't put the gaming promo crap again.
TSB: Thanks for being online sir, I've logged a complaint.  Please call the exchange and give this complaint number, they'll give you an alternative connection.
Sac: What's the exchange number?
TSB: 1500
Sac: OK Thanks!  
--click --

Dial 1500
Same set of options to choose from, thankfully that gaming promo wasn't here. A very serious recorded voice said "All are agents are busy. Please wait".  After about 6 min 32sec an elderly lady answered the call & I conversed in Kannada.
Sac: Hello madam, I don't have internet for three days...blah blah...
EL: Saar server down ide saar eega.  Nothing could be done, it'll be OK in two hours
Sac: Nodi madam, I have lot of work to do for which I need internet.  I've logged a complaint with the complaint ID blah blah.  They asked me call this number to get an alternative connection.
EL: Illa saar, alternative connection ella yenu illa.
Sac: Madam but the told me that you'll give me an alternative connection...
EL: Saar neev vond kelsa maadi, call up 1504 and tell them
Sac: Madam neev yen table tennis aadta idira? I call up 1504 they ask me to call 1500 & I call up 1500 you ask me to call 1504!  (Now this is service excellence of BSNL!)
EL: Illa saar, they just want to escape they just put the ball in our court (What did you do just now dear m'aam?)
Sac: Can you give me contact of some officer?
EL:  Yes sir sure, call up our Area manager on this number tomorrow.  Let him also realize!  (These kinda statements can come out of only employees of PSU)
Sac: OK madam thank surea alternative connection yenu sigalla anta?
EL: Sure sir, haagenu illa. 
Sac: Thank you madam

After all this haggling & fighting the internet is still down.  Will try my luck with the area manager & update.
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