Saturday, July 10, 2010

Healing Monday Blues

After suffering from extreme anhedonia and figuring out that there was no cure for it, I found my own ways to deal with Monday Blues that made me feel, if not completely better, slightly OK on Monday mornings. Here are my 5 tips to feel good on Monday mornings:

1. Apply leave on Monday: The easiest way but with side effects. This one would obliterate the Monday Blues completely but may give rise to a rarer depression called, Tuesday Blues (I've had this). Also it couldn't be done too often, falling sick every Monday would give rise to suspicions among the most lenient managers. So use it judiciously and play safe.

2. Drink up: Hangovers are greatly helpful in beating the Monday Blues feeling, so head to the nearest tavern and drink. Your attention will be diverted to the slight head ache or the nausea, in the process of which you'll forget that it's a Monday morning thereby overcoming Monday Blues. This one's highly inspired by the words of Omar Khayyam:

At dawn came a calling from the tavern
Hark drunken mad man of the cavern
Arise; let us fill with wine one more turn
Before destiny fills our cup, our urn.

3. Vent out your frustration: If you hate your manager or your team-mate & have to deal with him every Monday morning, get a big photograph of his and make a dart board out of it. Practice hard to get a bulls-eye on Sunday evenings and you'll be fine the following day. If you're one of those heavy-weight types, then you may want to paste the photo on the punching bag.

4. Aesthetic Motivation: (This one's only for men) If you've got one of those enthusiastic good looking new joinee, considerably junior, in your team you're trying to hit upon, assign her a job on Friday with Monday afternoon as the deadline, so she ends up coming early on Monday mornings. Make sure you assign a bit tough job so that she needs you to finish that. And there you go, you've now got a reason to eagerly get to office without any griping.

5. Get Creative: Try to change your routine, if you, for example, start your day off by checking emails, coding and debugging, a coffee break; change it to something tangential - take a morning walk around the office, have coffee, twitter and facebook for a while, take a long coffee break, confabulate with your teammates about real estate, music, stock market etc., have an early lunch break and windup early.

P.S. Let me know if any of these works for you, or if you've got any other ideas.
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