Monday, July 19, 2010

A Movie at Mantri Mall

"Alla maga, hendti ooralli illa anta madhyna yella niddhe hoditya naachke aagavla...thu!" (No son, wife's not around means sleep during afternoons, no shame...thu), Ashok said.

"Pinda! neen yen bahaLa dodd sahasa maadta iro hange, hendti ilde irovaga...thu!" (Rice balls! As though you're doing some great adventure when wife's not around...thu), I retorted.

"Sari le, full bored.  Let's go for a movie, I heard this Leonardo Dicaprio's new movie is good", said he.

"Oh Inception, yeah even Sanath said it's good.  Let's go.  I'll book the tickets in Mantri Mall, neen ille ba...10 min from my place. OK?"


"Hey thu bevarsigaLu, disciplinne illappa Bengluralli", (Thu discipline at all in Benglur) blurted out pissed Shoki, awaiting in the queue to enter the parking, while others sped past him and parked their cars before us. 

"Malleshwaramgella inta maall bekitta, it was known for street shopping, sumne ee jaagan haaL maadbitta Mantri" (Malleshwaram this mall really needed? ...simple this space Mantri screwed), I said

After a short discussion about assets of Mantri, Mittal & Reddy brothers, we parked the car and got into the mall.  Since we had an hour for the start of movie, "Sisya vond vond beer kudh hogana", (Student one one beer we'll drink and go) I said. 

Shoki tried his Hindi skills with one Northi security there, "Pub hai kya?"  The security couldn't understand a word.  "Baar baar yaar?  Idar baar hai kya?", he tried again.  "3rd floor", he responded. "Ee northigaLige pub concepte gotillappa.  Bar andrene gottagadu." (These northis dont know pub concept pa. Bar I tell means they get) he said as a consequence of his conversation with the security there.

It took us a while to figure out in which floor we were, finally we see the board "Oval Bar" on 3rd floor.  Imagine a semi-open sooper posh pub in the middle of an over-crowded food court, that's Oval Bar for you.  They have an oval area fenced by translucent glass blocks, upto about 5 feet high.  We were greatly entertained by the moto-GP on screen and the frequent peepers who stretched their neck to have a sneak-peak inside the pub.

"Yen sisya idu, volle zoo alli iro praaNigaL tara nodta idare namna!" (What student this, good zoo animals like people watching us!) reacted Shoki.  

"Hu le thu...goobegaLu swalpa raise maadak aagalva wallsna" (Yes dude thu...owl, little raised walls they could have done), I said.

We ordered two Kingfisher Ultra pints, since the bar didn't sell any 650ml bottles.  I despise them for that!  How dare they put up a bar in Bangalore without selling the ubiquitous beer baatlis.  We had two pints each (though we paid more than the bigger bottles), munched some peanuts, pitied four people in the other table while they were just embarrassed by the couple who were making out right in front of them on the very same table (Making out in Malleshwaram!!! Chance illa!!!  Too uncultured they were) and we walked out.

Shoki got our tickets and we entered the theater...after first half hour, he whispered in my ears "Maga susu hoddh bartini" (Son I'll do susu & come), he came back with a large pop-corn tin and again whispered in ears "Yen aythu maga?"  (What happened son).  

I said "DevraaNe nang yenu gottaglilla maga...yenu jaasti miss maadilla bidu" (God promise I didn't understand a thing...what much you didn't miss).  

After another half hour, he again asked me, "Maga yenadru artha aagta idya?" (Son anything you understanding?)  I gave back one sheepish look and said "Uhu!"

Then we thought we were the dumbest guys in the cinema that didn't comprehend a thing, but we were glad to see that we were not.  I saw some girls trying to get water from a dispenser when the water can itself was not on top of it.  "Naav vaasi maga...all nodu" (We're better son...see there), I showed it to Ashok.

We then went to get corn and I observed, "Some bugger would have casually said that nothing could be  more complicated than Matrix.  Some director took it very seriously and made something 100 times more complicated than Matrix which resulted in this movie."  We entered again with the hope of understanding it during the second half.

We were confused if we both were pathetically dumb to comprehend the movie or the movie was made way too smartly.  Not being a great fan of Sci-fis and mystery, the movie was too much for me to digest.  People! they talk things like dream-within-a-dream-within-a-dream-within-a-dream!!!  Being used to simple Woody Allen movies, such profoundly conceptual movie went all around me except entering my brain.  Think of people delving down into different levels of dream, subconsciousness, building up illusions and what not!  I must say graphics were great, but those are something I care a shit in movies.
After the movie I called up Niki, a friend of mine who was showering praises on Inception.  He said, "Lo the ending is great kano.  He leaves the viewers confused if Leonardo is in dream or in reality".  "Oh howdaa?  Nang gotaglilla...sakkath obersvation maga"  (Oh is it?  I didn't get it...sooper observations son), I said and hung up.

Sorry Leonardo...I prefer your "Blood Diamond" a thousand times over to this sci-fi.  Don't act in such inception-conception and all please.  Act in something which makes more sense to simpletons like us.

We're still looking for my cousin Sanath to ask him what he understood about this movie and yeah, beat him up for recommending this.
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