Sunday, August 01, 2010

A day with Nee!

This was a very well spent Saturday, I happened to click and jam-up with Nee, the Kannada rock music band at their make-shift studio, Sid's living room.  I picked up Sumithra a.k.a Brinda from her place and we drove straight to Sid's house near pipeline road and it was Herculean task to maneuver the car  near his house.  We were welcomed by Vikram Joshi, the all-rounder-musician and Siddeshwar  (whom I've called Sid without his permission) whose brainchild was Nee.

They were quite busy mixing a song for their upcoming album while I started off my usual task of clicking.  We were served by some delicious coffee by Sid's mother after which we did lot of noisy jamming.  Thank God Sid didn't have a guitar amplifier, otherwise it would have doubled the noise.  Then came Sumithra's sensuous Waka-Waka dance moves, followed by her beautiful recital of the yet to be recorded song.  It was a great feeling to be among a bunch of talented people like Joshi, a music maestro who can sing, play guitar, santoor, tabla etc. and could figure out the chord progression by listening to the song.  Sid is yet another genius with voice that resembles that of Raghu Dixit  and an expertise in sound processing.  His parents seemed extremely supportive of this music endeavor for they have the entire studio setup in the living room with no TV.  Later we were joined by two other brilliant singers Sairam and Priya.

An official photo-session started and Sid had an idea for his album cover which we executed successfully, he's yet to work on the editing and creation part of it.  Thanks to Sairam for sponsoring lunch to everybody at Nisarga, Vijayanagar.

That was about how the day went, now a bit about the band Nee.  Like I said before Nee is the brainchild of Sid with Sumithra, Priya, Sairam, Joshi and Sid himself as the members of the band. Most of them are IT professionals and do music during their free time.  They've cut a self-titled album Nee in 2009 which could be heard here: Nee on  Their genre is mainly Kannada rock and they create very catchy tunes.  More info could be found on the band Wiki Page. I had a preview of their upcoming album and I strongly believe it's gonna be a great hit.  I wish them all the very best from my side to the entire band and thank them for the wonderful moment I had with them.

All photographs were shot with 20D with either 50/f1.8 or 17-40/4L with Speedlite 430EXII.  RAW processing was done using Aperture.

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