Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ürümqi, The Capital

If you want to let Chinese figure out that you're referring to the city of Ürümqi, you've to say Wu-Lu-Mu-Chi.  It's the capital of Xinjiang autonomous region, a bustling city with the pleasant smell of Muslim spices and sundries.  Most boards and hoardings were bilingual with Pinyin and Urdu scripts, the look and feel of the city is pretty much like any other medium sized city without too many skyscrapers like Shanghai.  Since we reached the city by dinner time, we checked in a hotel and head straight to Yahao nan lu for dinner, it's something like our VV Puram food street with a different cuisine altogether.  The street emanated pleasant aroma of lamb and rice cooked with rich spice of the silk route.
Non-availability of tickets to Buerjin on the next day morning, compelled us to plan for Tian lake (Tianchi) a.k.a heaven lake. About three hours journey across Jungarpendi led us to this spell binding lake which defined the color blue. The lake acted as a mirror to the sky, reflecting the entire blue color. Surrounded all sides by mountains with one snow capped mountain in the center, the gorgeous splendour of the lake mesmerized me. Spent a couple of hours straying around the lake and showing it to my camera and returned to Ürümqi.  That very night we head to Buerqin (Bu-er-chin)...more about the trip coming soon.  
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