Thursday, September 30, 2010

Devil's City

Continuation from Baihaba...

Gasoline for our jeeps, fresh fruits for the journey and a quick lunch of mutton noodles and Nan at Burqin and we were all set for our visit to Devil's city (Mo-gui-cheng in Chinese, 魔鬼城).  The sun was happily reaching his home in the west when we reached Devil’s city. We reached just in-time and my camera did her job. Devil’s city is a vast ocean of soft but tall knolls, made of sticky mud. Its difficult to climb the hillock for the surface is not stable and it disintegrates once you step on it. They were of all sizes and shapes, combined with the shining moon and artistic clouds; it enhanced the beauty of the surrounding landscape. We revisited this place the next morning since we couldn't get enough of it, the morning vista was a beautiful - the tender golden light of the dawn beautifully lit the mounds which cast strong shadows.  Our next destination for the day was Sailimu lake...wait for more.

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