Thursday, September 09, 2010

Hemu to Kanas trek - Day 1

Continuation from the Hemu - Heaven on Earth.

We headed towards Kanasi and started ascending hills surrounding Hemu. We kept ascending till the dusk; the scenery remained the same, yellow-green-brown birch and pine trees on mountains, blue waters in the valley. After a quick lunch of rough wheat bread along riverside, we started drifting closer towards the snow-caps and had to cross marshes before we could actually touch and feel the snow. The mercury levels were much lower here; the snow-capped hills that we saw the previous day were now being treaded by us now. We played with snowballs as we proceeded. Hired a Mongolian tepee at Xiaoheihu, a camping site next to, what they call, little black lake. The whole team was tired with a dull listless fatigue and hiring the tent turned out to be a blessing, bestowing and welcoming decision. Coffee and noodles were prepared by the girls in the group which was our dinner.  It's the most tiresome trek I've ever done in my life.

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