Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hemu to Kanas trek - Day 2

The morning sunshine beautified the entire place and it was the time for clicks - the Kazak family members living there, the herd of camels, the snow around tent, the lake.  Our journey continued towards Kanasi after a sumptuous breakfast of oatmeal and soup. The landscape now was slightly different - bald hills and meadows in the foreground with snow mountains in the horizon. After a small stop for cookies and fruits, which we reckoned to be our lunch, we entered yellow and brown coniferous forest. A big descend led us directly to Kanasi town. A lot of fancy buildings made up this town and unlike Hemu, it was quite a commercialized place. I happened to pass a very attractive and aesthetically built structure with green pointed roof and brown colored walls and was stupefied to know that it was toilet, and it was extremely well maintained; all the toilets in town were in this fashion. A buffet consisting of lamb noodles, mutton capsicum curry, couple of soups and a Nan dish was our dinner. The best part is that the hotel authorities warn you against wasting food - a fine of 50 RMB in case of any wastage. I greatly appreciate and support this idea. Albeit fine is not collected, food wastage is reduced to a considerable extent.

Stay tuned for the lovely meanders of Kanas river and the beautiful Sino-Kazakh border town of Baihaba.

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