Sunday, September 05, 2010

Jiadengyu to Hemu trek - Day 2

Continued from Jiagdengyu to Hemu trek - Day 1.

The morning was cold but the surrounding nature cast a spell on me. The dreaded darkness of the previous night had masked the beauty of our camping site. We camped next to the blue river, fenced around by the mountains. The brown hills were embraced by the gray clouds that slowly unveiled the deep blue sky. In the nick of time the whole area was being kissed by the tender rays of northern sun, energizing even the dead ones.   A hot breakfast prepared us for the next stretch. As we ascended the first hill special guests welcomed us - two gaiety Bactrian camels were grazing the dry brown grass with a back drop of a snow mountains. We happened to see more snow capped mountains, crossed many tiny tributaries joining the bigger blue river, walked among yellow and brown pine wood forests before we reached Hemu by evening.   Stay tuned for the beautiful Hemu...

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