Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bayinbuluke - The mesmerizing meander

Continued from Sayram lake article...

Ba-yin-bu-lu-ke (巴音布鲁克) was our destination next morning, stopped by at Tungbazaar for a hot and healthy breakfast of freshly baked veggie bread. The journey to Bayinbuluke was a tough one, winding mud roads along the mountains and totally dusty, we stopped over enroute for a lunch of mutton rice and soup. Threw the luggage in a hotel and headed towards Swan lake, the journey was absolutely gorgeous among the brownish yellow meadows. Entry to Swan Lake was stopped by a lady who asked us to pay money without issuing the tickets, for she was running out of it. We ditched Swan Lake and speeded towards Jiǔ-qū-shí-bā-wān (九曲十八弯) Lake. The terrain put our jeep’s stability and balance systems to thorough testing during this small stretch, as it had to incline at 45 degrees at some places, was in air at other. Four miles was all we had walk to reach the lake which was elegant, exquisite and exotic and worth every pain we took to reach this serpent shaped lake (actually river).  Jiǔ-qū-shí-bā-wān translates to 9 turns and 18 meanders, which is what we saw from the cliff we stood on.  I got down to the bottom of the hill with the hope of feeling the water, but marshy quagmire put my effort to vain. Ascended the hill back quickly for I did not want to miss the colorful pomp of the setting sun. The reddish-yellow sunlight shimmered on multiple meanders of the lake and the blue sky with artistic clouds complemented the scenery.

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