Saturday, October 09, 2010

Sayram lake - A mirror to the sky

Continuation from Devil's City...

After chasing the mirage for nearly 600Km (We also happened to see Karamay Oil fields on the way) in 4x4 Cherokee, we made it to Sàilǐmù hú (aka Sayram lake). Located in the north of Yining city, this lake is the biggest (458 sq. km) and highest (2070m) in Xinjiang province. The water is crystal clear and ice cold and the lake appears like a mirror to the sky beautifully glimmering under the mild evening sun. The surrounding landscape is a feast for eyes, meadows and mountains beautified by the calm flock of silver-fleeced sheep.  It was freezing around the lake and mountain breeze made it worse, it was hard to click photographs. My wish to stay in Mongolian teepee again was satisfied here, for we could not find any hotels nearby and had to stay in an extremely well decorated and vivid tent on the meadow just opposite to the Lake. We were treated with gourmet dinner consisting of sheep rice and various spicy curries of aubergines and potatoes. The following morning we witnessed the sunrise by the lakeside, which was another memorable moment.  Had breakfast at the tent and hit the road towards Korgas, with a small stopover at the lake where we satiated our aquatic pleasure in the lake.

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