Thursday, August 04, 2011

Santa Cruz

Went to Santa Cruz beach a weekend ago and here are few photographs.  The beach was as expected a crowded one with families of all ethnicity I could imagine - there were Latinos, Asians, African Americans, Caucasians, Middle easterners etc.  The beach was bustling with life both on sand and on Board Walk, an ocean front amusement park having roller coasters and carousels and food vendors and coffee houses and souvenir sellers and game centers and what not!  The beach was crowded with flocks of seagulls and  pelicans as well.  The day was bright and sunny but the water was super cold, I enjoyed the dip and swim in the sea thoroughly.

I couldn't see any great landscape shot, so I chose shooting people and capturing the essence of the beach.  All photographs were touched using Adobe LightRoom.

Thanks again to Smitha and Mrudul for planning this trip.

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