Wednesday, August 03, 2011


I always wanted to visit two cities in the US and am done with one of them, NYC is yet to be done.   Am not gonna be wordy in this article since SFO doesn't require any introduction unlike places like Baihaba or Jame or Likabali.  All I would say is Golden Gate is the most beautiful man made structure I've ever seen and is an eternal gift to the photographers.  SFO is definitely the most beautiful city that I've ever visited - extreme graident roads, posh and colourful houses, the Alcatraz island, summer fog, the mountains and the awe inspiring Golden gate connecting them, the downtown skyline, the blue bay, Lombard street meanders, Pier 39, the China town, the bustling Fisherman's wharf, the magnificent Palace of fine arts...

SFO Skyline
The gradient of Lombard street

View of Alcatraz from the peak of Lombard Street

The famous tramway of SFO

Lombard street meanders

Highly vignetted shot of Golden Gate

Golden Gate

Lines and angles of Golden Gate

Golden Gate with surrounding flora

Geometry of Golden Gate

Sailboat on SFO bay

Graffiti on Golden Gate 

Bay and the bridge

The Gorgeous Golden Gate

Candid shot on bridge

Bridge from the parking
Golden triangle

Diameter of he Golden Gate cable

SFO night light shot by camera suspending

Weeping ladies at Palace of Fine arts

Pillars at the Palace of Fine Arts

Reliefs at Palace of Fine Arts
Rotunda at the Palace of Fine Arts

An unknown building in SFO

Dragon in China Town, SFO

Poster at Teatro ZinZanni 

Pedicabs near Pier 39

SF Tram in Pier area

Still boats in the pier

Fruitseller in Pier 39

Resting boats 

Ani in carousal in Pier 39

Golden Gate from Pier 39

Alcatraz from Pier 39

Interesting tour guides

Bar that opens at 6AM

Market street to Fisherman Wharf tram

Cruisers in Fisherman's wharf

SF Kites

Pier 39

Rule breakers

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