Monday, October 31, 2011

Metallica dance!

We guzzle a few cans of KF strong before entering the concert, the usual ritual which we've been following for quite sometime now.  

The cops stop the vehicles randomly after the concert and smell your mouth, the usual ritual which they've have been following for quite sometime now.

Yesterday both these rituals coincided and we were stopped on Chord road by the cops, right in front of ISKCON temple, on our way back from the concert.  P3 who was in the driver's seat rolled down the glass and the cop was rather friendly to him.  He came close to his mouth but somehow couldn't sniff the beer which we had guzzled almost four hours ago.  He probably felt sorry for having stopped us and asked P3 "Yen saar kudidhe bari dance nodkond bandra?"  (What sir! Without drinking you just saw the dance and came eh?)
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