Sunday, December 04, 2011

Twin Peaks, SFO

Had been to Twin Peaks in SFO on Friday night with a bunch of my photographer friends to do the cityscape in the night.  More about the peaks here.  The view of SFO from the top of the peak is breathtaking.  Most of SFO's major landmarks are visible from here during the day and some during night.  The most brightly lit street on the right third of the photo is Market street, the garland of lights on the right is the Bay bridge and the beautiful Golden Gate can be seen on the left.   It was extremely windy and chill when we went, I couldn't take a single shot using my 70-200 lens mounted on tripod due to winds.  I had to actually place it on the wall and shoot.  Here are few of my photographs, the first and the third photo were shot with 17-40/4L and the second and the fourth were shot using 70-200/4L all in bulb mode.  It was actually hard to shoot, I didn't have a remote release, I had to keep the shutter button clicked by my finger for more than a minute to get the exposure.

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