Friday, September 30, 2011

How a coffee screwed my plan

On my second day in New Delhi when I woke up, I decided that the day was gonna be a low budget day - "I'm gonna have all the fun but by shelling out least money, just like strict backpackers do", I told myself.  I was able to live up to it to a great extent and here is how my day went:

Breakfast of two alu parathas at PaharGunj: Rs. 20
Roadside tea: Rs. 5
Metro ticket to Lotus temple: Rs. 18
Metro ticket to Chandni Chowk: Rs. 18
Lassi (big): Rs. 20
Kulfi: Rs 10
Rajma-chawal at Mirchi Lal's: Rs. 10
Mishti Doi at Annapurna Bhandar: Rs. 18
Roadside dahi bhalle: Rs. 15
Gulab jamoon prashad: Free
Metro ticket to Qutub Minar: Rs. 19
Collective taxi from metro station to Qutub Minar and back: Rs. 20
Metro ticket to New Delhi Railway station: Rs. 19
Roadside paratha and curry: Rs.10
Roadside tea: Rs. 5
Roadside chickpea masala: Rs. 10
Roadside peanuts: Rs. 10
Airport express metro: Rs. 80  (No other cheaper option)

I reached airport almost two and half hours before my flight, the exhaustion of the day made me sleepy and I didn't want to fall asleep and miss my flight.   Coffee looked very inviting but the least expensive cappuccino was about Rs. 80 and I thought about it for a while if I really wanna have it and obliterate the "low budget day" I so obediently followed since morning.  But coffee looked like a thick blanket on a cold night, chilled beer on a sunny afternoon - it was too hard to resist.  I thought it wasn't too much of a splurge for a good coffee and I went to the counter.  "One cappuccino please, extra hot and strong", I said.  Without saying any word, he placed the order and gave me the bill.  

It was Rs. 160!!!

My heart just lacerated!  I had seen historic monuments, eaten most sumptuous food and drank most delicious tea for not more than Rs. 40 and now I had to pay Rs. 160 for a coffee!  I also had emptied a bottle of KF Premium for Rs. 110 in a local bar.  All the memories of Rs. 5-15 coffee at SLV/Brahmin's coffee bar/Vidharthibhavan haunted me.  Such a beautiful budgeted backpackers day turned out to be a big ridicule just because of a coffee!

"Your menu says Rs.80 but you're charging me just the double of it like 100% blow-up offer you guys have?", I asked with a wicked smirk.
"No sir, we don't have the 'small size' you asked for, we just have regular which costs Rs. 105.  Then you asked us to make it extra strong, add another espresso shot to it worth Rs. 39 plus taxes sir.  That's how it's Rs. 160 sir!"

I was too tired to ask him why the hell didn't he inform me before ordering it.  "You should have actually given me a large one and charged me Rs. 250!", I told him, grabbed my coffee and walked off!

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