Monday, January 02, 2012

CA1 - Scenic Route

The first day of our four days long vacation to south California was spent pretty much on CA1 scenic route.  I had to push myself hard and the rest of them harder to start the journey by 4 in the morning, finally we hit the road by 4:30 which wasn't too bad.   By the time the first rays of sun reached the earth, we were close to Monterey, one of my favourite little towns.  We just took a small stroll along the beach and continued to 17 mile drive.  We took a stop at Spanish bay and all other major landmarks on 17 mile drive.  Ravi who was griping about starting early realized it was worth it when we drove on 17 mile drive, the tender auriferous sunshine greatly beautified the waves and thin layer of fog worked perfectly well for my photography.  We stopped at Bixby bridge at Big Sur for few clicks and continued almost till Gorda by the sea, where we stopped at one of the view points for our lunch.  The menu consisted ofPuliogre, gulab jamoon and Kerala mixture.  We then stopped  at Piedras Blancas elephant seal sighting center.  The beach was crowded by a pack of elephant seals for birthing and breeding.  The males were gigantic and lazy and they made occasional loud roar. There were calves suckling their mothers and there were other immobile ones which kept tossing sand on themselves. We felt blessed to witness such a rare winter drama of elephant seals. We then spent some time guzzling beer at Hearst state beach picnic spot.  The beach has a long wide pier and is overlooked by Hearst's castle.  We also ambled in some random village on the outskirts of San Luis Obispo and got to see opulent orange sunset before crashing in at Days Inn, San Luis Obispo city.



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