Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Good bye

My dearest friend AH,

   You've bereaved me today so badly in this alien country.  I reckoned you to be one of my closest friends in this country and how could you desert me out of the blue like this?  I cried my heart out for your departure, I have no more tears left, my eyes are dry and sorrow is all I have in my heart. 

   We both biked together, we both were into photography, we both were fans of jazz music, we loved soujouk wraps at the corner Mediterranean restaurant, we both spoke passionately about our family, we argued about Linux vs. Windows.  Who am I gonna continue all this with?

   You were supposed to suggest me a good mountain bike, you were supposed to have dosa with my family, you were supposed to share Armenian music, you were supposed to bring me baklava prepared by your mom, we were supposed to travel together, we were supposed to do this year's help portrait in bay area...you've left with me with too many unfulfilled promises!  

   We became close friends in no time and in no time you left me alone.  The office seems deathly silent to me.  I miss your jokes, your laughter, your questions, your ideas and most importantly your presence.   You don't know the extent of melancholy that you've brought me today.

   May your soul rest in peace and may your family have enough strength to cope up through the situation!

Miss you,
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