Friday, February 03, 2012

Hiking in Point Reyes

Saturday morning at 7 I received a call from Roberto which was quite surprising, a Mexican waking up at 7 on a weekend morning!  He told me "No te levantas todovia?  Voy a pasar por ti en trienta minutos" (Not awake yet? I'm gonna be there in thirty minutes).  Cursing him for waking me up that early, I got out of bed and was ready in fourty minutes and he took exactly sixty minutes to reach.  Almost by a toss of a coin we decided if our destination was Mt. Diablo or Point Reyes and we decided on the latter since the former was tougher and for both of us it was quite a while that we had hiked and kept the former for the weekends to come.

We drove for two hours with a coffee break at San Francisco to reach Point Reyes National Seashore.  We wanted to do Palomarin trail but we ended up at Bear Valley trailhead.  After collecting the map and required information at the information center at the trailhead we started our hiking exactly at 11:00AM.  Instead of taking the conventional and easy Bear Valley trail, we deviated to Mt. Wittenberg trail and there was a steep hike for first one hour till we reached the summit of Mt. Wittenberg.  The view from the top was breathtaking - pine trees in the foreground and blue Pacific in the background.

We then took Sky Trail to reach Arch rock area which was a good three hours hiking.  The view of the Pacific kept changing as we walked with beautiful stony islands at the horizon and a spectacular play of light on the blue waters.  We reached Arch Rock area by around 3PM and it was crowded with hikers.  Arch Rock is an overlook point which has a terrific view of the Pacific, it's an outstretched piece of elevated land over the beach.  There is a small rocky trail that takes you down to the cove which is a bit of an adventure.  One has to cross the creek holding the rocks and go down to reach the actual arch which forms a small estuary opening to the beach.  I believe its hard to reach this place if the tides are high.  Even though it's a tad tough and adventurous to reach this place, I personally felt this is the best part of the whole hike.   I so missed my tripod there but could get a couple of reasonable shots handheld. 

With a couple of energy bars and water, our energies were pretty much drained out but we still had 4 miles of Bear Valley Trail to hike to reach to the trailhead.  We talked about camping, about babes, about bikes, about movies, about music and somehow finished it.  Our legs were sore but hearts were happy for the fatigue of the hike, we drove down to Novato to refuel the car and ourselves with some delicious comida Mexicana serverd by a beautiful chica Mexicana in Novato and drove back home.

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