Monday, July 30, 2012

San Francisco on 4th of July

Don't attach too much significance for the title except for the last few photographs of fireworks.  I didn't capture any photographs related to 4th of July celebrations or anything, it's just that we went to San Francisco on 4th of July evening.  Vivek, Liyan, Chinthan and I thought of seeing the 4th of July fireworks from bay front and head to San Francisco, but in the end it happened that we had to watch it from a narrow street close to Coit tower but not from bay front.

We first stopped at City Hall square and walked around the area which is home to neo-classical buildings - Van Ness-Mc Allister-Hayes-Market st area.  It was a pretty sad scene due to holiday, the Market st. was almost closed down and empty except for a Starbucks where we stopped for a coffee.  We head to Alamo square to meet the Seven Sisters.  Alamo park was busy with people basking the warm afternoon sun enjoying beers and barbecue.  Seven sisters were pretty with a warm sunshine on them with the backdrop of the San Francisco skyline as the backdrop.  

Our next destination was Twin Peaks, we drove up drooling over the houses on mountain top with a terrific view.  To control crowd, a cop had stopped the cars way below the peak, we had to struggle to find a parking on a narrow street.  It was windy and very cold and we wore nothing more than a flimsy tee-shirt.  We ran up the mountain pushing the stroller to warm up but that didn't help us much.  The view of the city was breathtaking, though a bit hazy as usual.  After getting enough of views, we were almost dying of cold before we started running down towards car.  

We had to spend atleast 30 minutes to find a parking before we sat down at New Lun Ting Cafe for dinner, suggested by Yelp.  It took another 40 minutes for them to serve the food which messed up our waterfront view of fireworks.  Dinner, no doubt was great and it was quite sometime that I had Tsing Tao beer.  By the time we finished dinner and walked out, the sky was already lit by the fireworks.  We rushed towards Coit tower to get an elevated view, roads were too crowded, I just had to pull over in some place to watch the fireworks.   It was only for about 10 minutes we watched before it came to an end and we were a bit disappointed that we couldn't watch the fireworks from waterfront, however the evening was well spent and below are the photographs.

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