Saturday, August 04, 2012

Misson Peak

Thanks to Hao Chen for the invitation for Thursday morning Mission Peak hike, the event page here.  Roberto and I started the hike at 5:15AM and reached the summit by 6:25AM.  The trail is easy and dusty, with no trees/shadows.  It's pretty much stroller friendly except for the last stony stretch.  We met some Chinese hikers from Bay Area Hikers Club at the summit.  The view from the summit was breath taking - auriferous sunrise at one side, pale sky with the full moon shining over the bed of fleecy clouds on the other side.  The best time to go to Mission Peak is definitely early morning, or probably late evening for there is absolutely no shade along the trail.  We waited for Hao for about 20 minutes and started descending and we met him enroute.   He invited us for the breakfast but since we had already started the descent, we skipped it and reached the parking by 7:30AM.  It felt great to wake up so early and get some exercise, I hope I could join the event every Thursday.

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