Monday, September 10, 2012

Monterey Bay Aquarium

First of all, profuse thanks to Hariram Purushothaman, who lent his guest passes to the Monterey bay aquarium.   Established right on Monterey bay, the aquarium is a treasure house of numerous weird but true sea-creatures.  It's the biggest and best aquarium I've very been in my life, takes a minimum of four hours to finish.  The jelly fish experience area showcases various jelly fishes from all around the world, the sea horse section displays a plethora of sea-horses and sea-dragons.  The Kelp forest houses varieties of sharks and bigger fishes.  The fish feeding and sea-otter feeding events are not to be missed.  Photography is a bit challenging there due to low light and moving creatures, add to it the fact that usage of tripod is prohibited.   

I've also posted few photos of the nature genre in Monterey.  I'm not gonna say anything more about the aquarium, go check it out yourself.  The official website's got tonnes of information about the aquarium exhibits, events and news updates which can all be accessed by clicking:

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