Thursday, November 29, 2012

Valley of Fire

On the very first day of our Thanksgiving vacation, we woke up early and drove from Las Vegas to Valley of Fire state park in Nevada.  The park is located about an hour away from Vegas and is very close to Lake Mead national recreation area.  Once you're off I-15, you realize you're driving among boring desertic mountains which hides among them vast stretches of vivid coloured rocks with red being the prominent shade reminding you of Arches National Park (not that I've been there).   The entry fee for the park is $10 per vehicle and right from the entrance you'll start seeing gigantic boulders of red stone in various forms and shapes.  We stopped at almost every point of interest like Bee hives, Atlatl Rock (which has a ladder to climb the rock and see the petroglyphs), Arch Rock, Petrified Logs (trees that have turned rocks millions of years ago), Mouse's tank (a half mile round trip hike with numerous petroglyphs and a dirtied pool at the end), Rainbow Vista (a vast expanse of colourful rocks), White Domes (sandstone formations of contrasting colours), Seven Sisters (seven humongous red rocks) and Cabins (stone cabins built during thirties).  Before heading out to Lake Mead we also stopped at the visitor center for a while which has a small museum, souvenir store and restrooms.  Even though I wasn't lucky to be there at "Golden Hour" for photography, I think I was able to get a couple of good pictures due to vividness of the landscape.  An informative brochure about the park could be found here and the park website is this.

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